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Beyond Net Zero Food Production

In 2021, food production contributed 30% of total global carbon emissions. But, what if food production could be designed so that those emissions were turned into usable, clean energy? Architecture […]
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What If We Were All Vegans?

Food, agriculture and land use account for 25% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A 2016 study by The National Academy of […]
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How Building Happy Cities Reduces Carbon Emissions

Road transport accounts for 15% of global carbon emissions. How do we reduce that number? Smart city planning is just as important as cleaner cars. Suburban sprawl, for example, leads […]
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When You Gotta Go, Use… Bamboo?

Worldwide, more than 184 million rolls of toilet paper are used each year. If each roll was unraveled and laid end to end, it would cover about 13 billion miles […]
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Carbon Negative Carpet Tiles

Thirty years ago, Ray Anderson was considered a titan of industry. But when he was forced by a potential client to examine the environmental impact of his carpet tile company, […]
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Voice Your Choice

Individuals alone can’t do much to reduce carbon in our atmosphere. But we’re not alone. The Grantham Institute of the Imperial College of London was asked what an individual can […]
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Convenience Drives Everything

You want to do more to help the environment and future generations, but you’re busy. So, convenience wins. You don’t have time to research sustainable companies and products and to […]
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The Power Of Simply Asking

Successful businesses pay attention to their customers' needs. But how good are we at letting them know what we want? If you’re already the type of person that prefers to […]
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Plants Vs Cars (The Plants Win)

When thinking about climate change solutions many of us visualize an electric car, a wind turbine, or a solar panel. Fewer people think about eating more plants. However, The Drawdown […]
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Eating Our Way Forward

There’s a lot at stake with what’s on our plates. One third of global carbon emissions stem from food production, making this one of the key climate change variables. We […]
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