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Parking lots that do more

Imagine a parking lot that does more than just offer you a place to leave your car. A multi-purpose space that also generates energy, with the side benefit of giving […]
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What Can I Do?

Patagonia made headlines when Yvon Chouinard donated 100% of his company's profits to fight climate change. What he said could not have been more powerful. “Earth is now our only […]
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Sharing the cost of big ticket and seldom used items

A great way to lower your emissions is to lengthen the life of durable goods like household appliances or vehicles by maintaining and/or fixing them to avoid buying a replacement.  […]
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The buzz about bus shelters

Across the UK, bus shelters will be buzzing with bees and butterflies. The roofs of the shelters are being converted to green roofs, with curated plants designed to attract these […]
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Home buyer aware!

We’ve grown familiar with the idea of cars, appliances and other everyday items being rated for the amount of energy they require while in use or during manufacture (or both). […]
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Biomimicry: How industry imitates life

What do wind turbines, glue, and concrete have in common? Each of them serves an important function in our modern life and all are being improved, and made more environmentally […]
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Reduce and reuse. Full stop.

The reduce > reuse > recycle triangle is misleading because each part of the cycle does not benefit the climate equally. Reducing consumption and reusing what we have already purchased […]
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The Carbon Almanac year in review

As we send off 2022, let us take a moment to celebrate the milestones we have shared with The Carbon Almanac: Thank you for being part of this community. It […]
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The Carbon Almanac is a winner

It was just announced that The Carbon Almanac is a winner in the 2022 Data Literacy Book Awards.  We are honored to receive the award for the Most Insightful Data […]
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Scary facts about bottled water

Expensive marketing campaigns try to convince us that bottled water is healthier than tap water.  There are places where this is true, though it should not be. In other places, […]
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