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Turning ideas of Doughnut Economics into action with DEAL

We introduced the Doughnut Economics framework in a previous Daily Difference. But Doughnut Economics isn't just a theory—it's a movement actively embraced by cities, governments, and educational institutions worldwide. Discover […]
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Greenhouse in a box (for less)

Drought conditions, exacerbated by climate change, that make agriculture less profitable or productive in rich countries like Canada or the United States cause farmers economic hardship but in low and […]
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Doughnut economics: A sustainable alternative to endless growth?

Can we create an economy that both serves human needs and respects the planet's ecological limits? British economist Kate Raworth challenges traditional growth-centric economic models with her innovative approach known […]
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Climate Action Day

Climate Action Day is happening on November 2. Started in 2020, this annual event is a free online full-day event for classrooms around the world and focuses on the importance […]
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CarbonSessions: Becoming a sustainable runner

Tina Muir is an former professional runner who is now focusing on climate activism in the running community. Tina joined the CarbonSessions podcast for a relatable and insightful conversation around […]
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The benefits of glass

Of available packaging, glass has the disadvantage of its breakability and its weight. Yet glass is a better option than plastic when you consider how well it can be recycled. […]
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Like bread? Thank the humble earthworm!

If you’re a gardener you probably know that the earthworm is a beneficial creature because as through their movement and feeding habits, they help to break down and aerate soils, […]
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Fossil fuel cars out of Stockholm by 2025

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Central Stockholm you know that this is a walkable and scenic city where in the summer people can go for a swim on […]
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Fall is looking different this year

In Eastern Canada’s forests the vibrant colors “marking the arrival of fall, may have appeared early this year, or not at all.”, according to Lyndsay Armstrong in a recent article. […]
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It's time for oil and gas to pay its share

It’s an unpalatable truth but the fossil fuel industry is, at its root, “one of the biggest redistributions of wealth from the world’s poor to the richest petrostates”. Poor countries […]
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