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How is your electricity generated?

Curious about electricity? This interesting map shows the dominant source of electricity in North America by province, territory and state.  For European countries, check out this graph.  These useful graphs […]
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Take a moment

Taking action to heal the planet doesn’t need to be overwhelming.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.  It just needs to happen.   Take a moment today and be a difference […]
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Water isn't the only thing recoverable from wastewater

You are likely familiar with the idea of using so-called ‘grey’ water that comes from showers, sinks and laundry to water lawns and for other non-drinking purposes. But water flowing […]
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Choosing her dream for the planet over her dream for herself

A teenager, who has taken the running world by storm and earned the opportunity to compete at the World Cross Country Championships in Australia has declined her spot on the […]
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Mining a better solution for cell phone batteries

We know that we are going to need vast amounts of lithium, cobalt and other metals to create the lithium-ion batteries that are going to be necessary to store the […]
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Climate change as required education

In the United States, a state is taking a leadership role in educating youth about climate change. Connecticut has made climate change education mandatory as part of the curriculum.   Research […]
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Don't be salty

Water scarcity is an issue faced by 4 billion people in the world. Desalination, the removal of salt from seawater, is a method that is being increasingly used to try […]
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The return of sail power

Capturing the power of the wind through sails has been around for centuries and at one time was the primary way to propel a boat. The dominance of the sail […]
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Let's not make it ten

The last nine years have been the warmest on record for our planet and 2022 ranked the 5th warmest according to NASA. The impact of a higher average temperature is […]
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France’s big step to reduce food packaging waste

Holding the plastic at your favorite takeout restaurant is a good step to reducing waste. France has taken a bigger step.  At restaurants with 20 seats or more, you will […]
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