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World Environment Day is today

World Environment Day celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. It began in 1973 and has occurred annually ever since on June 5th. The goal of the day is to encourage […]
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Young people are concerned about climate change

In Australia, more than half of young people listed the environment as one of the most important issues facing the country. These results are from the 2022 Mission Australia Youth […]
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Carbon Sessions celebrates 100 episodes

Carbon Sessions, one of The Carbon Alamanac podcasts (there are four!), is celebrating 100 episodes. We invite you to take a listen as the hosts are joined by one of […]
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Thank you to Natalie Portman

We always need more celebrities to support climate actions and model more sustainable behaviors.  For many years, Oscar-winning actress, Natalie Portman has long used her status and platform to speak […]
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Preparing for disaster

Although we all hope that we can mitigate the worse consequences of climate change - like wildfires, floods, landslides and more - being prepared should be something we all do. […]
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Climate change puts many birds at risk for extinction

Some scientists have estimated that 104 bird species are on the verge of extinction. Climate change is largely to blame, but it is not the only reason. They admit they […]
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Oil giants missing at clean energy investment turning point

The transition to cleaner energy is happening faster than people may realize.  According to the latest report of the International Energy Agency (IAE), investment in clean energy technologies is significantly […]
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Don't mislead us

No one likes to be misled. Greenwashing is when a company claims their product or service is better for the environment than it really is. Sometimes the claims are subtle […]
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A podcast to learn how animals can help solve our climate problems

Many design principles that solve human problems come from emulating the biological processes, structures and strategies used by nature. Over billions of years, nature has amassed a wealth of knowledge […]
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Flix leads the way

About 10 years ago Flix was a scrappy German mobility start-up and today they are the market leader when it comes to bus and train travel (FlixBus and FlixTrain). Along […]
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