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Taking Legal Action

Protecting the air, water, wildlife, land, and people sometimes requires legal action. For 35 years, the nonprofit organization The Southern Environmental Law Center has been working with governments and communities […]
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More is More

We want more. More hope. More health. More security. More innovation. More breakthroughs. More connection. More creation. More joy. The Carbon Almanac movement is not about asking individuals to bear […]
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Spinach as Scaffold

The future of meat may depend on spinach. At Boston College, Professor Glenn Gaudette is removing the leafy parts of spinach and using the veins as a platform to grow […]
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1000-Year Events Are Happening Every Year

You’ve probably heard of a 100-year storm, or “Storm of the Century.” But those events seem to be happening more frequently than every century. In June 2022, Yellowstone National Park […]
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Change Feels Weird

June 2022: New Zealand considers a tax on livestock that emit greenhouse gases. What does that mean? It means farmers may be taxed for the methane gas that sheep and […]
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Where Does The Dryer Take Your Socks?

We can’t solve the mystery of the missing sock. But we do have an idea of what happens to the sock that’s headed towards recycling. Martex Fiber handles 160 million […]
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From Compost Heap To Concrete

Why use biomimicry when you can use the actual biological products? Researchers at Tokyo University are turning food scraps into concrete, with cabbage ranking #1 in tensile strength. Tensile strength […]
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Recycling Fabric

26 billion pounds of textiles are wasted each year in the United States alone. And with the textile industry’s contribution to greenhouse gases, water wastage, and microplastics in the ocean, […]
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To Name It Is To Know It

Almost everyone in the world can name 3 or 5 of the largest oil and gas companies. We see their logos as we move through town, or see their production […]
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The Carbon Almanac Network of Podcasts

While 70% of North Americans believe in climate change, only 35% actually talk about it (source). When asked why, they cite being uncertain of the facts, unclear about any impact […]
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