The media are talking about the Carbon Almanac

Here’s an overview of recent media coverage of the Carbon Almanac.

Jane Goodall receives the first copy of the Almanac

The marketing mind behind the purple cow takes on climate change in the new book ‘The CarbonAlmanac: It's Not Too Late’ – by Eric Hagerman

Seth Godin's 5 Tips for How Your Business Can Help Save the Planet

Publishers Lunch

‘The Carbon Almanac’ Written By Over 300 Volunteer Debut Authors, Orchestrated by Seth Godin

Pitt Business: Center for Sustainable Business I Podcast

Sustaining Sustainability | Episode 45:
Why We Should Care About Carbon - with Seth Godin, Coordinator of The Carbon Almanac

‘The Carbon Almanac: It's Not Too Late' Is the Climate Crisis Book We Need Now – by Lloyd Alter

Carbon Almanac, il racconto del cambiamento climatico è una collaborazione globale

Ecosia Blog

The Carbon Almanac: climate facts that lead to action

FOX8 Local First

The Carbon Almanac offers this message on climate change: It’s not too late

The Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

Mayor’s Message: the Carbon Almanac Launch Event (today!!), Jazz and More Waterfront Concerts

Hawaii Public Radio

Molokaʻi-based photographer confronts the climate crisis through art – by Emily Tom

Honolulu Magazine

Q&A: Hawai‘i Photographer Richie Biluan and “The Carbon Almanac” – by Da Shop

Fox 31 Denver

Diving into the ‘Carbon Almanac’ Book with Contributor, Jennifer Simpson

Hawaii News Now

The Carbon Almanac offers this message on climate change: It’s not too late by Jim Mendoza

Detroit Metro Times

Detroit’s Source Booksellers to take part in world record book signing attempt Saturday

‘The Carbon Almanac’ contributors are staging the signing to continue conversation on climate change – by Randiah Camille Green

Poetic Earth Month

3 Ways to Use The Carbon Almanac (And Who Should Avoid It)

The Moment with Brian Koppelman

Seth Godin returns with answers to the most pressing problem in our lives

Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Seth Godin on How to Change Your News Inputs and the Future of the Planet


Recycling plastic water bottles won’t save us, “system thinking” will according to the Carbon Almanac’s Seth Godin – by Dan Costa

Climate Change Requires System Solutions

Algoa FM

We can do something about climate change – Gillian McAinsh on Breakfast

Herald Live

Joining hands to help save world




In Conversation with Seth Godin

5 Talks - A Contributor to The Carbon Almanac (Live Interview)

What Could Possibly Go Right?
Episode 85 Seth Godin

Fast Company

The collaborators of the Carbon Almanac Network say their approach requires each person to find their own path to the lead. It’s not traditional but proved it works.

Lessons from a project with no managers, no boss, and everyone is a leader

Can Marketing Save The Planet?

Episode 44: How Marketers Can Tell a True Story about Climate Change with Seth Godin

“How are we (marketers) going to tell a true story about climate and our impact on the climate, so that we can change the systems in our lives, so that we tread more resiliently on the earth, and are more proud of what we are doing, and as a byproduct, build better communities with more equity and fairness?"

Data Literacy

Most Insightful Data Book (for books published in 2022)

2022 Winner: The Carbon Almanac by Seth Godin and The Carbon Almanac Network

Yale Climate Connections

Recent articles analyze, assess fashion and beauty

Here are some pieces to help bring you up to speed on the fascinating nexus between your wardrobe, fashion, and beauty…and the world’s climate change challenges.


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The idea that companies must make responsible decisions for the benefit of society has become more critical than ever.


The Best Eco Books for the Practical to the Poetic Heart