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“We Pollute”

Systemic change is needed for the world to meet the challenges created by climate change. One company actively addressing their own responsibility in combating climate change is the Swiss Internet […]
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Trash Fashion

Girlfriend Collective is an athleisure retailer that turns trash into fashion. They have searched the globe for materials and facilities that release the smallest amount of carbon possible. Their raw […]
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Wrapped In Wax

Plastic and glass are not the only packaging options. Canadian company etee started with one product. Liquid soap - for dishes and hands - packaged in wax pods, shipped in […]
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Outrage and Optimism

We feel outraged that it’s taking so long for decision-makers to take action on climate change. And we feel optimistic when we hear about a city mandating 100% renewable electricity […]
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A Sweet Spot For Humanity

People of all persuasions sometimes make action on climate change seem like an either-or thing. If you are for lifting people out of poverty, you are against fighting climate change. […]
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Endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

In the 1960s, we decided that the spread of nuclear weapons had to be stopped, and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was born. Climate change poses just as great a threat […]
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“Carbon” Refers To More Than Just Carbon Dioxide

Adults are often confused when they hear the word “carbon” being used in reference to climate change. Not knowing what “carbon” means makes it difficult to answer children’s questions about […]
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Chubby Squirrels

Climate change is happening everywhere you look. For example, it's easier for squirrels to find food in the wintertime when there is less snow cover. This has led to an […]
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What is Greenwashing?

Ever notice how some companies that claim to be “green” are still using plastic packaging? This is called greenwashing and here’s how it’s explained to kids in the free Ebook: […]
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See How Long You Can Keep Your Plastic Fork

Try this with your kids: An excerpt from the free Ebook: Generation Carbon: A Carbon Almanac for Kids The next time you get a plastic fork, save it and use […]
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