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Love a local restaurant? Ask them to hold the plastic!

Supporting local restaurants is crucial to their survival, particularly since the pandemic.   Does your favorite takeout spot automatically provide too many plastic extras when trying its best to provide you […]
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A boatload of hope

Often, the news about climate change issues is worrisome at best and depressing at worst. One of the most daunting problems is the island of plastic debris floating in the […]
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A truth about rising ocean levels

Not only are ocean levels rising, the rate at which they are rising is increasing.  Worst case predictions suggest that the ocean levels could be upwards of 2.2 meters (7.2 […]
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Recycling from the roots

Here in the Carbon Almanac community we acknowledge that the third ‘R’ - recycle - is one of the least helpful when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It […]
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Making time for connection

What makes you feel connected to the natural world? Hope you can find time for your nature connection this weekend.
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The power of mangroves

Did you know that mangrove forests can capture carbon dioxide four times faster than a traditional forest? Not only that, mangroves help protect the shoreline against the impacts of strong […]
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Decreasing food waste helps the planet

One of the biggest factors in food waste is overproduction, particularly of some of the world’s intensively grown crops/products, such as corn, wheat, chicken and pork. Why does this matter? […]
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Turning knowledge into action

The Carbon Almanac is a source of reliable and easily understandable knowledge on climate change. It is a great first step towards becoming better informed. The next step is to […]
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Reimagining the last mile

You may have heard the expression ’the last mile’. In the package delivery industry, this refers to the final stage when the package leaves a distribution center and reaches you.  […]
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Riding the waves

Ocean waves. They give us stunning pictures as they break near shore. Surfers wait to catch ‘the one’ for the best ride. Perhaps a wave has knocked you off your feet by […]
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