The Carbon Neutral Home

This section shows people how to make their homes more carbon neutral. Included are websites, articles, tools, videos and podcasts addressing energy creation, storage and usage. Includes information on products and tools to help people consume less power and/or become energy independent (“off grid”). Three are highlighted to get you started. Additional resources follow, organized by resource type.


Calculate Your Carbon Footprint | The Nature ConservancyUse a calculator to estimate what one’s current carbon footprint is. This can provide a basis to start from and an idea of what personal actions will make the most impact.
Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar | Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US Department of Energy (US DOE)An extensive resource document structured as a Q & A with answers to questions like How does solar work? And, Is my home suitable for solar panels?
The Eco StoreSolar, wind and water power systems, energy storage systems, 3D printers. Many brands and kits to compare.


45 Ways to Conserve Water in the Home & YardFree guide explains how saving water prevents greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution while saving money. From Eartheasy, a family-owned company focused on sustainable living.
A Homeowner's Guide To Heat Pump SystemsFrom Ireland’s Sustainable Energy Authority, helpful info on the design, operation and potential savings available from using heat pumps in the home.
Dezeen - Carbon RevolutionSee on Dezeen’s website, “Ten materials that store carbon and help reduce greenhouse gas emission” by Marcus Fairs.
Greener IdealGuides and blog posts about a range of topics, including what to consider before purchasing home solar panels, ”Beginners Guides” to carbon offsetting, homesteading and green building materials, and how to get started with solar water heating.
Heat Pump SystemsUS Department of Energy site profiles how heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners for all climates.
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at HomeSustainability Nook’s guide to home carbon footprint reduction, plus other blog posts for those looking to make changes. Site also explores whether particular products are recyclable and how to find the best biodegradable packaging options.
The GreenAgeFree guides offering advice for heating, insulation, energy management, and lifestyle. This is their Guide to Domestic Wind Turbines.
Urban NaturaleHow to prioritize a green home renovation on a budget. Many short articles with action plans to help you reach sustainability goals.
Zero Energy ProjectSeveral articles and a newsletter with detailed steps for building carbon neutral houses from this non-profit, educational organization. Zero Energy Project helps home buyers, builders, designers, and real estate professionals “take meaningful steps towards radically reducing carbon emissions and energy bills by building zero net energy homes and near zero energy homes.”


Carbon CalculatorFrom Terrapass, a tool to estimate a household’s current carbon footprint. This can provide solid numbers to start a carbon-reduction effort and an idea of what actions will make the most impact for your household.
Home Energy AuditDIY home energy assessment guidelines so you can get a feel for your starting point. You can hire a professional to do an energy audit, but if you want to do it yourself you can learn how here.
Watering CalculatorTool provided by (San Diego, CA) provides a customized watering schedule for optimum irrigation based on landscape and plant type, systems used and zip code.


Distributing SolarFeatures entrepreneurs and experts working in energy access and off-grid solar in emerging markets, explaining  how distributed energy is changing lives around the world.
Eco Chat with Laura TrottaFun, inspiring and informative podcast with environmental engineer and Home Sustainability expert Laura Trotta, focused on “making green mainstream.”
How to Save a Planet How to Save a Planet is a podcast that asks the big questions: “What do we need to do to solve the climate crisis, and how do we get it done?” Journalist Alex Blumberg and “a crew of climate nerds” offer smart, inspiring stories about “the mess we're in and how we can get ourselves out of it.”
Love Zero WasteHosts Malin Leth and Evelina Lundqvist explore the latest zero waste and circular economy developments, examining business models, innovations and trends.
No Place Like HomeGetting to the heart of climate change through personal stories, featuring Mary Anne Hitt and Anna Jane Joyner.
Resources RadioWeekly podcast by Resources for the Future. Leading experts speak about climate change, electricity, ecosystems, and more, making the latest research accessible to everyone.
Revisionist History - Laundry Done Right”Is there a right way to do your laundry? Of course there is.” Malcolm Gladwell takes a long, entertaining look at the science of cleaning clothes. "If someone chooses cold water instead of hot, it’s a 90% reduction in energy use.”


Building Net Zero Energy HomesFrom Canada, the EcoHome Network video highlights a pilot project combining Net Zero Energy homes with electric vehicles for a zero-energy balance over one year for these outstanding high-performance houses.
Engineer775YouTube series sharing DIY-friendly projects on a variety of topics including homesteading, renewable energy, water pumping, hydronics, gasification & air conditioning.
Net-Zero 101 - The secret of building super energy-efficient homesGreen Energy Futures offers a documentary featuring net zero home designing/building pioneers Peter Amerongen and Mike Turner.


BioLiteCompany built on sustainable business practices creates affordable, durable products that harness surrounding energy to cook, charge, and light daily life for off-grid households and campsites.
Blue Pacific SolarIowa, USA-based, firm offers helpful information and products for wind and solar power generation, as well as combined (hybrid) kits for homeowners who want to live off-the-grid.
Bluetti PowerWith over ten years of energy industry experience, Bluetti sells reliable, smart lithium portable solar generators, power stations and solar panel products for overlanders, explorers and off-grid life.
CarrierGlobal firm based in the US offers heat pumps, cooling systems, smart thermostats and other energy-saving products.
Clean Energy SummitWebsite tests and recommends “best” products in a number of solar and wind energy categories.
Evergreen EnergyUK company offering homeowners air source and ground source heat pumps.
Felicity SolarGuangzhou-headquartered Chinese firm designs and sells photovoltaic modules, inverters, MPPT controllers, lithium battery packs and solar street lamps in 40 countries.
Home Wind TurbineQuebec, Canada-headquartered company offering homeowners advice and products for home wind power generation.
Kilowatt LabsNew York City-based firm invented and sells longer-life, faster-charging, degradation-free, more environmentally-friendly alternatives to chemical batteries. They also have a line of standalone hardware/software servers for microgrid power generation and distribution.
KinectidUK company partners with renewable technology manufacturers to bring low carbon devices to homes and businesses across the country. Product line includes heat pumps, solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.
Land To HouseCompany sells inverters, solar panels and systems, water systems and survival gear. Includes a featured projects page and a blog offering ideas such as how to prevent waste in everyday life, prepare for a power outage and keep pets safe in an emergency.
PowerSpoutNew Zealand-based company sells modular water turbines for “micro-hydro” to produce electrical power from home water resources.
Practical PreppersCompany offers web and video information and product details, plus  personal solar and off-grid power consultations to help thousands prepare and become self-sufficient.
Sol-ArkUS-based inverter manufacturer provides “all in one” solar battery systems for homeowners.