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Willie Smits Shows Us How To Regrow Rain Forests

Willie Smits is, among many other things, the founder of the Masarang foundation. Check out this video about his work. He’s not talking about what we should do, rather he […]
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Are you a Wizard, a Prophet, or an Ostrich?

In his book The Wizard and the Prophet Charles Mann describes two theories about the future–one based on the work of a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the other by […]
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Seal it up

Heating and cooling are the largest energy expenses in most homes, accounting for 35-50 percent of your annual electricity bill and a significant portion of an individual’s impact on the […]
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What do you call that island in the middle of the street?

More municipalities are replacing stripes or barriers with planted dividers called bioswales. Ever driven down a city street and wondered, “Why are those landscaped medians there?” Are they just for […]
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Energy transition drives good job news?

A switch to alternative energy will add millions of new jobs across the world by 2030. In fact, more than ten million “net” new positions will follow the transition from […]
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Don’t Change…Your Clothes?!

Did you know that the fashion and clothing industry uses more energy than both the shipping and aviation industries combined? Not to mention the energy cost of washing your clothes […]
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It’s not too late

You have more power than you think. You. Matter. Because you can organize. You can communicate. You can establish standards for how we live and for what comes next. Your […]
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Waste Not

6% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food losses and waste. More than half of this comes from consumers like us. Reducing waste across the entire food system starts […]
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What is Carbon Pricing?

If we break our earth - we simply cannot buy it back. But if we implement carbon pricing, we can change the dynamics that are making things worse. Carbon pricing […]
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Over Easy: The Future of Eggs

A new wave of farmers are on a mission to help chickens, people, and the planet lead healthier lives. Egg Innovations is striving to be part of the solution through […]
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