Partnerships, personnel and profits

The Carbon Almanac Network is a 100% volunteer effort. Our flagship, The Carbon Almanac, will be published worldwide beginning in June 2022. Our publisher in the US and UK is Penguin, one of the largest book publishers in the world.

In addition, our volunteers have created several free ebooks (which will be published beginning in May 2022), several podcasts (already available) and a daily email drip.

Our goal is simple: To create a foundational body of work that will allow people to learn more, connect and take action to change the systems that have caused our climate crisis.

All of our advance from Penguin, and all of our royalties go to the creation, promotion and distribution of books to non-profits and other groups. The copyright in the work is held by Do You Zoom, Inc., which is contractually obligated to pass all proceeds directly to these functions.

We've signed up a number of launch partners. These are groups that are agreeing to buy multiple copies of the Almanac delivered to them on launch day. The goal is for each group to be able to distribute books to customers, employees and others to continue to spread the word. These partners are not paying the Network directly, simply agreeing to buy books from a retailer of their choice. For those that buy books from our partner bookseller in the US, we're able to donate a similar number of books to non-profits and community organizations.

If enhancing and leading the conversation around climate--and working to be sure it's based on verifiable information--is important to you and your organization, we hope you'll join us.